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------  Pre-1950s Memories  ------

Earliest Memories   W.E.Upjohn Photos & Articles
Blanche Porter - An Early Employee   Early Upjohn Letterhead
Early New York Office Papers   Early Photos of Executives
Quinine Pills   Upjohn Embossed Glass Bottles
Upjohn Patents   The Memos of John McColl
Life & Purposes of W.E.Upjohn   Photo Album from the 1930s
Manufacturing in 1937   Photos of the Kalamazoo site
More 1930s Photos   Citrocarbonate
Early Lab Instruments   The Kalamazoo Office 1930s
Flights of Dr. Richard Light   Central Stock Control
Military Support in WWI and WWII   Employee Handbook No 1
Building 38 Photos   Warehouses on N. Pitcher St.
Dr Upjohn and his Peonies   Manufacturing Expansion Report
The Portage Road Project   Building 41 Construction
Planned Residential Development   Other Portage Construction
Photos of Many Buildings   Historical Upjohn Benefits

------  1950s and 60s Memories  ------

1950s Portage Site Photos   Downtown Demolition in 1953
1953 in Summary   Civil Defense Command Center
Mystery Train Trip in 1958   Photos of Cafeterias
Bus Service to the Portage Plant   Dale Robertson Visits Upjohn
Shooting at the Portage Plant   Introduction of the Mix-O-Vial
The Upjohn Company Goes Public   Granny Visits Upjohn
Building 88 Construction   More on Building 88
Building 88 After Completion   Gazette Feature on Building 88
Upjohn in Disneyland   The Brain and The Cell
Portage Site Waste Treatment    Small Cars at Upjohn

------  1970s, 80s and 90s Memories  ------

Values and Practices   Model Dog Teeth
Upjohn Goes to Puerto Rico   The Prostaglandins
New Employee Photos 1970's   Upjohn Licence Plates
Dedication of Building 298   1980 Kalamazoo Tornado
Building 41 Vital Statistics   Building 88 Facts
1986 Medical Coverage   Upjohn Salaries
Centennial Celebration in 1986
Vanilla - For Employees Use Only
Employee Handbook   Random Drug Testing
Executive Quiz   Caverject
Photos from the Mejeurs   1984 Strategic Review
My Years at Upjohn   Shining Your Shoes
Upjohn History on FundingUniverse 1994
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------  Groups and Divisions  ------

Advertising and Sales   Brook Lodge
Computer Groups   Control
CPR (Plastics)   Distribution Centers
Emergency Squads   EH&S
Engineering   Finance
Fine Chemical   Food Services
Healthcare Services   International
Manufacturing   Other Group Photos
Printing Department   Research
Retirement Photos   More Retirement Photos

------  Products  ------

Interesting Upjohn Products   More Upjohn Products
Even More Upjohn Products   Official Photos of Products
1980s Consumer Products   Products List from 1886-1950
Dating your Upjohn Product   Rogaine - When Upjohn Grew Hair!

------  Publications  ------

Catalogs and Price Lists: 1886 - 1889 - 1890 - 1891 - 1894 - 1895 - 1896 - 1898 - 1899 - 1900 - 1904 - 1908 - 1910/1911 - 1925 - 1928 - 1931 - 1939 - 1942 - 1954 - 1954 - 1961 - 1973 - 1977
Dr. Upjohn's Company   Prescription Products 1936
The Overflow   Humor in Medicine
The Better Life   Medicine Designed for Health
Odyssey of Modern Drug Research   Smaller Booklet of the Above
We The Upjohn Company   The Growing World of Upjohn
Upjohn News (1948-1962)   The Equation
A Career with a Future   The Yellow Pages
The Intercom   Executive Etiquette
An American Enterprise   Phone Books
New Directions   Annual Reports
This is Upjohn   A Century of Caring
The Upjohn Dog Book   Upjohn Recipes
Books about Upjohn   Scope Monographs

------  Videos and Films  ------

Industry for Health   Manufacturing 1940s
Construction of the Portage Site   We, The Upjohn Company
Physical Fitness and
Good Health
  Understanding Stresses and Strains
The Pharmacist in Industry   The Greatest Good
Control Division   A Century of Caring
1986 Upjohn History Presentation   More Centennial Videos
Upjohn at 100 Years and Counting   Upjohn Today
A Tribute to Ted Cooper   History of The Upjohn Company
Quality of Life, Quality of Work   Journey (P&U Merger)
Kalamazoo Aerial Survey   Pharmacia - A Fairy Tale

------  Collections  ------

Jeremy's Collection   Carol Orris Collection
Dan Russell Collection   Bill Steger Collection
A Retiree's Collection   Display in Building 41
Company Museums   Upjohn Mugs
Upjohn Caps   Upjohn Items on eBay

------  Other Memories  ------

A Year by Year History   Upjohn Logos
Upjohn Awards   Other Awards
Service Recognition Items   List of Buildings
Postcards - Site - Products - Foldouts   The Upjohn Air Force
The Upjohn Art Collection   Rental Houses
Public Tours   Those Alligator Bags
Upjohn Disneyland Exhibit   Christmas Cards and Bonuses
Upjohn Power Plants   Building 41 Barber Shop
Upjohn Railroad   Company Timeline
Badges-Tags-Seals-Office Supplies   Stock Photos
Other Photos and Misc.    

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