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April 2017 - Added 12 more old products that I recently purchased. Added a couple of Upjohn Security badges. Took new photos of my personal collection. Added another photos of the second Upjohn railroad switcher. Added a pic of a Xanax mug. Added a massage cream jar. Added a page of Upjohn mugs.

March 2017 - Added a section on Rogaine - when Upjohn grew hair! Added Ken Ray and Tom Zwier Control org charts. Added more old Upjohn products. Added a new Upjohn fun fact. Added more old Upjohn products.

February 2017 - Added a 1961 Kalamazoo Gazette feature on the opening of Building 88. Added a page on a local Upjohn collection. Added a book about the Upjohn family history on the books page.

January 2017 - Added a promotion item - a big capsule.

December 2016 - Added a Control Orientation Manual from the 1980s. Added a set of Control org charts from 1987. Added an Upjohn News (International version) from 1962 and some pages from the International Performance Appraisal and Development Handbook. Added a new Upjohn Fun Fact. Added a Craiglist posting on a former Upjohn ambulance. Added a third page of interesting Upjohn products. Added a separate section on the home page for Upjohn products.

November 2016 - Added a chloral hydrate bottle that is at least 110 years old. Added some color photos of the Control Computer Center. Added an Upjohn ski patch and a 1986 Auto Show Off plaque. Added an Upjohn football hand squeezer. Added a 1912 map of the Downtown Kalamazoo Upjohn triangle.

October 2016 - Added a couple of photos on the CAST page. Added a bottle of Cathartic Compound. Added photos of an Upjohn travel case. Added a recipe booklet Cooking with Catfish Hunter. Added an American Legion newsletter article on WWII support. Added a photo of an Upjohn Healthcare flashlight. Added a photos of safety cards.

September 2016 - Added a page on memories of Building 88 before its demolition in 2006. Added a look back at historical Upjohn employee benefits. Added a page on the product Caverject. Added a page of poems by Max Knuth, the poet laureate of Control. Add a couple more products and advertising items. Added a starting page on Food Services. Added 1991 recipes. Added a 1986 Intercom article about the Upjohn pharmacy in Disneyland. Added Brook Lodge recipes published in 1990. Added more Control org charts. Added photos of the Portage site waste treatment equipment and buildings. Added a new Upjohn Fun Fact.

August 2016 - Added a 1960 Annual Report. Added an interesting Upjohn solid pewter figure (is this a young W.E.Upjohn?) and a diversity mug. Added data sheets for North Haven products. Added a photo of Norman Rockwell painting one of the Upjohn Rockwells. Added a section on Fine Chemical production and marketing. Added the first Upjohn Fun Fact. Added a 1951 article on the Portage Power House operation.

July 2016 - Added Christmas recipes from 1986 and 1987. Added a history of the Control Computer Group. Added more old products. Added one new advertising item. Added Upjohn ads from 1953, 1979, 1984 and 1995.

June 2016 - Added a page on Upjohn embossed glass bottles. Added a page on quinine pills. Added a 10-year service pin from the 1940s/50s. Added photos of more bottles of products. Added a copy of the first employee handbook, published in 1944. Added an article from 1986 describing the earliest years of the company.

May 2016 - Added some IT-related Intercomment articles. Added a 1947 photo of the Portage site construction. Added photos of a Phenolax bottle. Added another page of photos related to the Upjohn Disneyland pharmacy. Added a link to a Disney article on the Upjohn Pharmacy in Disneyland.

April 2016 - Added a page showing a selection of individual art pieces in the 1990s Upjohn collection. Added two more interesting products. Added a page on dating historical Upjohn product. Updated the page showing my Upjohn collection.


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