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April 2018 - Added a 1950 article about IBM equipment in the Tabulating Department. Added an article from 1950 when the company first starting formally using Brook Lodge. Added a 1950 article on Gelfoam. Added a 1946 article on the early tour program.  Added a 1950 article about the new Portage Rd plant. Added a 1947 article on the recognition of employee service anniversaries. Added some photos of the Puurs site. Added the Control "Gee Boss It Can't Be Done" Award.

February 2018 - Added 19 more bottles in the Carol Orris Collection product pages. Added some issues of Control News from the 1970s. Added a 1972 memo creating new analyst numbers for Control. Added 1887, 1888 and 1889 price lists. Added a Donald Gilmore speech at the 1960 Upjohn Awards ceremony. Added an R&D recruiting brochure. Added a handout from the Building 259 open house in 1983. Added an advertising self-mailer for Kaomycin. Added pics of 7 more Upjohn products. Added some public tour postcard photos. Added pics of another escort manual. Added a page of Upjohn's worst products. Added a list of products in 1975. Added a page on the Richland Farms. Added a 1984 Overseas Plants list. Added more information and facts about Building 88, the former headquarters buildings.

January 2018 - The new section on the Carol Orris Collection is now complete! Added a photo of the original Control Chemistry Lab in Crawley, England.  Added a print commemorating the 10th anniversary of the Puerto Rico plant. Added a photo of a former Upjohn employees meeting recently held in Italy. Added a couple more photos of the public tour escorts. Created a new page for more Upjohn product photos. Added a couple of Unicap advertising store displays.

December 2017 - Added some photos of international construction projects. Added a lot of price lists (see main page). Added a 1946 employee policies and practices booklet. Added a section containing profiles and timelines. Added the Upjohn section in the childrens book "Kalamazoo Today". Added a 1982 booklet titled "A Corporation and Its Home". Added a page on the W.E.Upjohn Suite at the Raddison hotel in Kalamazoo. Added more information to the Fred Heyl page. Added 129 pages of product information from a 1967 catalog.

November 2017 - Added a 1938 group photo.  Added a cactus compound bottle and a briar bamboo bottle. Added a photo of the Dan Russell cabinet and bottle collection. Added a new Upjohn fun fact. Added a caverject advertising item on the bottom of this page. Added two more old bottles. Updated the My Years page to reflect my retirement.

October 2017 - Added a steroid ruler and an ashtray from Brook Lodge. Added two photos of Rogaine personnel. Added a Control computer systems diagram. Added a July 1959 New Employees photo. 

August 2017 - Added a new fun fact. Added a page for Upjohn models of dog teeth. Added bottle of cocaine and morphine on the products page. Added more poems from Max Knuth on the Control page.

July 2017 - Added a 1994 history from the FundingUniverse web site. Added a year by year history document compiled for the 1986 centennial. Added a 1955 request from the Australian government.

June 2017 - Added a DDR&D alarm clock. Added a 2002 Pharmacia video called "A Fairy Tale". Added two pads of paper and a frisbie. Added an Upjohn Healthcare Services tablet holder. Added a Carica Compound bottle.

May 2017 - Added a page of Upjohn caps. Added a new chocolate-coated tablet product. Added an Upjohn scratch pad. Added an article on Tony Taraszka's retirement. Added a 1994 article on the air force. Added a  1994 article on the opening of Building 335. Added a 1995 Consumer Products employee price list.

April 2017 - Added 12 more old products that I recently purchased. Added a couple of Upjohn Security badges. Took new photos of my personal collection. Added another photos of the second Upjohn railroad switcher. Added a pic of a Xanax mug. Added a massage cream jar. Added a page of Upjohn mugs. added another anniversary gold pin. Added a very old Anti-Pyretic Upjohn bottle.

March 2017 - Added a section on Rogaine - when Upjohn grew hair! Added Ken Ray and Tom Zwier Control org charts. Added more old Upjohn products. Added a new Upjohn fun fact. Added more old Upjohn products.

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