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July 2020 - added a link to Pete Parish's obituary.  Added a link to a 1930's film taken by Fred Heyl, the first scientist at Upjohn. This film is in the Prelinger Archive. Added a page on Upjohn perfins.  

June 2020 - added a 1940s Gelfoam bottle and box. Added a second Job Employee Bulletin from the 1970s. Added two photos of 1970's retiree picnics. Added information about a 1961 Service Recognition celebration at Brook Lodge.  Added a booklet on the Dedication of Building 209 in Downtown Kalamazoo. Added photos of a 30-year service award necklace and a retirement necklace. Added a theft complaint and parking sticker instructions. Added a photo of a large salt prism used in infrared analysis in Research.  Created a page about CQs. Added a Rogaine/Regaine launch watch and a clock. Added an award for 25 years of service on the emergency squad. Added a painting from a Swine Advisory Marketing Team meeting.   

May 2020 - added a 1934 Upjohn history overview written by L.N.Upjohn. Added a 1937 catalog. Added some group photos from sales conferences that Richard Rheinschmidt attended. Added a Sore Throat Tablets bottle.

April 2020 - added three Upjohn handouts, a Home Drug Reference Guide, Pharmaceutical Industry Key Facts and The True Story of Vitamins to the Publications section. Added a Nuprin Suspension bottle. Added a Motrin IB clock, Motrin IB sun visor, Kaopectate shirt, Cortef blotter and a couple of pens to the Advertising items page. Added an Emergency Squad cap. Added photos from a 2020 visit to Brook Lodge. Added a page for PNU advertising items. Added a new Upjohn book "My Upjohn Experience - My Life in the Pharmaceutical Industry" by Garnett Huguley. Added some 1969 Fine Chem photos. Added a group photo of the Infectious Diseases Research unit.

March 2020 - added 4 more old products from the Carol Orris collection. Added 4 mugs.  Added a vitamin display ad and a Rockwell print to a Carol Orris page.

February 2020 - added a photo of a 30-year service anniversary set of pewter goblets and a tankard. Added a Tin City softball jacket.

January 2020 - added a 1951 publicity handout "A Tour Through the Upjohn Company". Added an outdoor jacket. Added a mortar and pestle. Added a chlorodyne bottle (Upjohn's most addictive product).

December 2019 - added a new fun fact. Added a group photo of Control Achievement Award winners in 1988. Added Bone Phosphates and Gonadogen to the Products page. Added a Medrol ruler and a Sales Academy cooler to the Advertising Items page.

November 2019 - added a page about Brook Lodge during the 1950s.

October 2019 - updated the service anniversary awards page.  Added a page on the ACS Steroid Chemistry Award Ceremony in May at the Kalamazoo Valley Museum. Added a couple of advertising items, an ASGROW Seed Company tape measure and a detailed casting of a pharmacist. Added a 1977 Job Opportunity Bulletin. Added a large scrapbook from Brook Lodge.

September 2019 - Added a page on the models used in the late 1940s for the initial Building 41 production layout. Added my letter of acceptance and first paycheck. Added a half-dozen advertising items. Added a 1910 photo of an Upjohn baseball team. Added a couple of products. Added a 1959 Catalog.

August 2019 - Added all 1946, 1947 and 1948 issues of Upjohn News that had been missing. Added a 1986 article about the Upjohn Centennial in the magazine Encore. Added a couple of products. Added a 1956 catalog. Added a handout from a 1979 presentation by Pete Parrish titled "You and Your People".  Added a couple of Christmas cards. Added a recruiting handout "What is a Medical Technologist". Added a 1998 Outpatient Product List. Added a company get-well card. Added a 1991 Detroit News article "Family Ties".


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