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August 2019 - Added all 1946, 1947 and 1948 issues of Upjohn News that had been missing. Added a 1986 article about the Upjohn Centennial in the magazine Encore. Added a couple of products. Added a 1956 catalog. Added a handout from a 1979 presentation by Pete Parrish titled "You and Your People". 

July 2019 - Added a 16-page Working Safely handout. Updated the photos of my personal collection. Added photos of Opium, Solu B and Super D Perles bottles on the Upjohn Products page. Added photos of the newest cabinet for my Upjohn collection. Added 7 more historic products recently acquired by Carol Orris. Added further definition about the different eras for service recognition items. Added a Pauline Wherly story on one of the Control pages.

June 2019 - Added a link to the American Chemical Society site for the National Historic Landmark Award to Kalamazoo for steroid chemistry at The Upjohn Company from 1950 to 1990. Added a page on a 1958 explosion in Tin City. Added a signed and framed pic from the Motrin IB introduction.  Added a crystal bowl at the bottom of the Service Awards page. Added a Rogaine demonstration package. Added a centennial frisbie. Added an Albacillin cap. Added a Rogaine mug. Added Calomel and Soda, and Cathartic Vegetable product bottles. Added a new fun fact.

May 2019 - Added a page on Brook Lodge blankets.  Added a page on Special Formula products. Added a Upjohn-embossed IV bottle at the bottom of the Other Photos page. Added a page showing Walt Disney's visit in 1964. Added two more cigarette lighters. Added a new international menu photo. Added a paper clip holder on the office supplies page.

April 2019 - Added a Rogaine sales aid. Added a page on Upjohn shirts. Added a page on Upjohn Travel Cases

March 2019 - Added an Aphrodisiac bottle to the Caverject page. Added a page on Upjohn cigarette lighters. Added a 1971 sales catalog. Added a new Fun Fact. Added a short story on a morphine sample received by Control.

February 2019 - Added 16 examples of Upjohn products.

January 2019 - Added two 1983 photos from Upjohn Indonesia.

December 2018 - Updated the photos of my Upjohn collection. Added a metal tube of ethyl chloride  anesthetic gas. Added a photo of another wooden crate. Created a news section on the home page. Added a 1950 history seminar by Richard Broholm.

November 2018 - Added a new page on Upjohn employees and groups today. Added a 1950 article about Upjohn in the Philippines. Added a timeline for the Portage Road Project. Added a page on the 2018 reunion of Upjohn employees in the Philippines. Added a box of Asgrow seeds

October 2018 - Added a 1978 Control News International Technical Edition. Added photos and documents from Crawley Control. Added a page on International QA and on cricket at Kalamazoo. Added a group photo of international managers at Kalamazoo. Added a 1957 article on the farms. Added a 1957 article on the Portage Pilot Laboratory. Added a 1957 article on company cafeterias. Added a 1957 article on computers. Added a page on unusual jobs at Upjohn. Added another article on the farms. Added articles on finished goods inspection and packaging support. Added more Upjohn Auto Show Off badges.

September 2018 - Added a photo album from a 1975 service recognition visit to Brook Lodge. Added a 1972 Upjohn International Division Report. Added a 1970 Agricultural Division Report. Added the 1965 publication Progress Through Science. Added a large embossed mercury bichloride bottle. Added a 1960 article about employees participating in car rallies. Added a 1955 article on making a movie in Building 41. Added an article on airplane clubs that employees belong to. Added another article covering the first mainframe computer. Added a January 1958 Upjohn News article called Guardians of Product Sterility. Added a June 1958 article about preparing for the first mainframe computer. Added a new page for security articles and items. Added a 3-part 1951 article covering sterile product manufacturing. Added a 1951 article on Fine Chem. Added a 1960 article on Fine Chem. Added a 1954 article on Control and a 1954 article on Chemical Engineering.


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