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July 2021 - added a Sarsaparilla bottle and a Phenolax bottle to the products page. Added some posters recently added to the Carol Orris collection. Added a fiberglass centennial sign bought from a sign shop on Vine St. Added a 1990 Mixing and Milling group photo. Added a Taralba blotter. Added another photo of the original Upjohn railroad switcher at the Portage site. Added an Albadry cap. Added a Gelfoam Tumor Diagnostic Kit to the Products page.

June 2021 - added international regulatory photos from a contributor in Crawley, England.

May 2021 - added a Rogaine motivational item "The Call to Greatness". Added a pic of an Asgrow tin sign. Added a TUCO concrete container

April 2021 - added an article about the building of a reproduction 1880's era Upjohn cabinet. Added a 1970 Inventory of the contents of Upjohn Disneyland.

March 2021 - added a page on the Ballistivet research project. Added a page on Tirilazad Mesylate, the last major Upjohn research candidate. Added 10 more old product bottles.

February 2021 - added two products - Placebo and Cactus Compound.  Added an Encore article about the Upjohn Memories website.

January 2021 - added a new Fun Fact. Added a new book containing information about Upjohn Aviation history and operations.  Added a page with  the latest items in Carol Orris's collection. Added 6 more Upjohn products.

December 2020 - added Neo Cortef and Panalba doctor's sample cases. Added a couple of Upjohn pocket protectors

November 2020 - added a Regulatory Affairs page. Added a 1966 catalog and a 1967 catalog.

October 2020 - added the 1992 childrens booklet Captain Kangaroo's Get Well Elephant. Added 8 items at the top of the Advertising Items page. Added 19 bottles at the top of the Products Page.

September 2020 - added a tin of 5000 quinine pills and some influenza vaccine vials from the Dan Russell collection. Added a photos of an Upjohn sign that is said to have been used at the farms on Gull Rd. Added a 19th century Upjohn Pill and Granule Co. cabinet in the Dan Russell collection. Added a 1987 product catalog. Added a Research Associates Directory from the 1960s. Added a 1952 Research Employees Directory. Added 5 more photos to the products page. Added an API jacket. Added two EMS patches. Added photos of a sign and an analytical balance to the Winkworth Collection page. Added a new Fun Fact.

August 2020 - added a calculator and pen to the advertising items page. Added an EMS shirt to the Shirts and Jackets page. Added first aid kit photos and a shoulder bag to the Emergency Squad page. Added photos of Nuprin tablets and Impenetro to the Products page


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