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These international managers came to Kalamazoo for 11 weeks of training as reported in the January-February 1977 Intercom.

A 1981 conference in Kalamazoo sponsored by the Upjohn International Advertising Office. This conference lasted 14 days.

The Office Machine Repair team, date unknown.
Top Row L-R: Jim Oliver, Ed Ruszkowski, Greg DeWard, Rod Halcomb, Jim Sheardy, Bill Morgan  -  Bottom Row L-R: Jim Fess, Glenn Charles, Ken Britain, Bill Stevens

Airline Ticket Tracking Team

Greenstone 1995

Greenstone 1996

Greenstone Team at Brook Lodge

The Sitosterol Bioconversion Group, 1978

Operations Research and Statistical Services in the early 1980's

25th Anniversary Photo - December 26th, 1976  

25th Anniversary Photo - May 28th, 1976


25th Anniversary Photo - May 20th, 1982

Brook Lodge 25th Anniversary Party 1982

International Regulatory Affairs - December 1993

GRA Guest Relations Association -  Minneapolis 1978 

Rogaine 1987

Junior Salesmen's Conference, Kalamazoo 1965

Senior Salesmen's Conference, Kalamazoo 1970

The S.W.Michigan Golf Course Association tour of Upjohn in 1952

Beginner Salesmen's Conference, Kalamazoo 1951

Details about the rest of the group photos below are not known

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