Memories of Upjohn Manufacturing

Production 1890s - 1915 Production 1920s
Ointment, Fluids and Sterile 1930s Fluids 1930s and Earlier
Citrocarbonate 1930s Tablets, Pills and SECS 1930s
Manufacturing 1940s Heparin 1940s
The Flexible Factory Yeast and Ointment
SECs and HFCs 1950s Tablets 1950s
Tableting Equipment 1951 Gelfoam and Santa
Effervescent Salts Equipment 1951 Soft Capsules Equipment 1951
Fluids Equipment 1951 Fluid Packaging Equipment 1951
Ointments Equipment 1951 Upjohn Packaging 1950 - 1985
Sterile Mfg 1950s Aerial Views of Portage Mfg
Fluids Manufacturing 1950s Tablet Coating 1950s
Percolating Section Packaging 1950s and 60s
Antibiotics 1950s Production 1960s and 70s
The CAST Production 1980s
B41 Production 1980s Other Manufacturing
Misc Production Photos Building 41 Industrial History