Upjohn Fun Fact #13  

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A famous saying is "Art should be Controversial". By the 1990's, Upjohn had an art collection of over 1100 objects. Being a corporate collection, none of the items were controversial. Well, one piece was, actually. in 1989 it was necessary to buy a large number of art pieces for the then-new Building 298. Among the purchases were two cast bronze sculptures created by Mark Chatterly. The one on the left in the photo below was called "Windblown" and the one on the right was "Eternal Muse"
. They were displayed at the entrance to the first atrium on the ground floor. I can remember them both still being there in 1998 when I started working for Global Regulatory in B298. Alas, one sensitive soul objected to Windblown on the grounds that it was pornographic. Upjohn management had no choice but to remove it and store it out of sight, leaving the Eternal Muse to think on his own!

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