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March 2023 - Added a slide show of the new sterile building construction in Portage. Updated the pics of my personal collection

February 2023 - Added an employee badge for Emma Greenwood. Added a photo of the atomic sterilization of drugs. Added a 1990 Upjohn Japan calendar. Added items from George Macleod to the Carol Orris section. Added the complete contents of a 1952 Handy Product Reference booklet.   

January 2023 - Added a Follicular Tonsillitis bottle to the Products page. Added a document showing the history of Upjohn computing in the ACC and RCC.   

December 2022 - Added four issues of The Pipeline, a pipe shop newsletter. Added a February 1993 Intercomment.  Added more pipe shop information amd items from Mike Winchester.  Added an Orinase sundial and an Rx sign on the Advertising Items page.   

November 2022 - Added a vitamins apron.  Added a Sedative Special (contains cannabis) on the products page. Added a 1959 aerial photo of the Portage site.

October 2022 - Added 28 products to this Products page. Added a new fun fact about Eilaine Roth.

September 2022 - Added an article on the Jackson Prison Clinical Investigation Unit. Added a 1991 description of the employee drug testing program.  

August 2022 - Added a page of engineering group photos.  Added Neo-Predef, Progaine and Upjohn Special Shampoo to the Products page. Added a 1978 employee badge, an equipment tag and a tool check tag.  Added a 1994 Upjohn Labs mug. Added a booklet titled CMPs and YOU. Added an Upjohn Forms and Reports page. Added a Please Wash Your Hands sign. Added a steel parking tab from 1959. Added another foldout postcard.  Added a map of domestic sales region and a list of Building 41 fire alarm boxes. Added a 1984 25th Anniversary party at Brook Lodge. Added the Code of Corporate Conduct. Added some phone book covers. Added a page covering Downtown Kalamazoo occupancy in 1978.   

July 2022 - Added a page with memories of the WISDOM document system. Added a photo titled "Show Women in Industry", send to me by Dan Russell. Add an Upjohn pre-paid sales order card. Added a new fun fact.   

June 2022 - Stephen Hall send me some photos of the expansion at the University of Arizona in Tucson Pharmacy Museum. This is where the contents of the Upjohn Pharmacy in Disneyland are displayed.  Added an article published in the South County News.  Added photos of Camolliens and Green Soap bottles. 

May 2022 - Carol Orris loaned me 28 issues of Control News and these are all on the site. She also loaned me some old Control org charts and I've added those too. Added a group photo of a 1982 womens softball team.  Added a belt buckle and a folding knife on the advertising items page.  

April 2022 - Added a list of merger/acquisition dates for 1995 and later.


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