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January 2022 - added Neuralgic Tablets and Caripetic Tablets on the products page. Added a Downtown Research group photo.  Added a new fun fact. Added a TUCO blanket. Added Dinner Pills and Calcium Gluconate Wafers to the products page

December 2021 - added epinephricaine and a spanish language tin of quinine tablets on the products page. Added a photo of the white Upjohn letters that used to be in front of Building 88 at the bottom of this page. Added a 1989 photo taken at North Haven.  Added a group photo taken at Brook Lodge in the 1970s. Added a page about a 1984 pharmacy internship. Added the story of the Kiella Calmer on the Control site.

November 2021 - added a publication Human Anatomy. Added a Reference Guide for Weight Control. Added another photo of the tour guides. Added a page on Building 41 Shipping. Added a memento from a 25-year service recognition day at Brook Lodge.    

October 2021 - added a selection of photos sent to me by John Shabushnig. Added an article about the Upjohn Pharmacy in Disneyland.  Added a 1-pound glass jar of ergophene ointment and a bottle of boric acid tablets to the products page. Added an example of the first Upjohn parking sticker. Added more information on the Dan Russell collection. Added a page on Upjohn cabinets. Added a B300 dedication paperweight. Linked to a 1974 Unicap TV commercial and a 1984 Unicap M commercial. Added a page on the Dallas Distribution Center.  Added Crawley, UK, Upjohn-In-Action newsletter No 12 and No 15.  Added a 1958 publication How to Use Spices.  Added 5 more products onto the Products page. 

September 2021 - added a Unicap dispenser. Added a balance thought to have been used in Returned Goods. Added a new fun fact.

August 2021 - added Vitamin A-B-D-G Capsules and Lincocin Capsules to the Products page. Added pages on the ETA program and the early savings plan.  Added a March 1974 Intercomment.  Added an explanation of the stylized circle of U's logo. Added a parking sticker.  Added a PAC Service Request.  

July 2021 - added a Sarsaparilla bottle and a Phenolax bottle to the products page. Added some posters recently added to the Carol Orris collection. Added a fiberglass centennial sign bought from a sign shop on Vine St. Added a 1990 Mixing and Milling group photo. Added a Taralba blotter. Added another photo of the original Upjohn railroad switcher at the Portage site. Added an Albadry cap. Added a Gelfoam Tumor Diagnostic Kit to the Products page.

June 2021 - added international regulatory photos from a contributor in Crawley, England.

May 2021 - added a Rogaine motivational item "The Call to Greatness". Added a pic of an Asgrow tin sign. Added a TUCO concrete container

April 2021 - added an article about the building of a reproduction 1880's era Upjohn cabinet. Added a 1970 Inventory of the contents of Upjohn Disneyland.

March 2021 - added a page on the Ballistivet research project. Added a page on Tirilazad Mesylate, the last major Upjohn research candidate. Added 10 more old product bottles.

February 2021 - added two products - Placebo and Cactus Compound.  Added an Encore article about the Upjohn Memories website.


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