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July 2024
- The definitive book about The Upjohn Company is "A Century of Caring". It is now available on this web site. Added New Employee group photos from the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s. Added a new Upjohn Fun Fact. Added a 1970 Intercom article introducing Upjohn Homemakers.        

June 2024 - Einar Goerland has been sending me a lot of documents and I've put them all in a new section - Memories of the Polymer Chemical and CPR Divisions. Added these to the products page - Potassium Carbonate USP, Provera Tablets, Motrin IB Caplets, Motrin IB Caplets for Sinus, Pentacresol Disinfecting Solution, Mercresin Tincture and Kaopectate Maximum Strength Caplets. Added a section on the Employee Pharmacy. Added a list of Official Product Names and a list of Acronyns, Initialisms and Symbols. Added a WWII-era production photo.     

May 2024 - Added Mycipo Dusting Powder to the Products Page. Added a photo of a 1983-84 basketball team.  

April 2024 - Added an 1957 Upjohn Award for Keith Edmondson. Added seven bottles to the Products Page. Added a couple of long service gold pins. Added a photo of a clock commemorating the opening of the Tsukuba research labs in Japan. Added an Upjohn sweat-shirt and a PNU t-shirt on the shirts page. Added a pic of the first production order from the plastic product manufacturing operation in Building 248. Added a new fun fact. Added a Panalba matchbook cover.      

March 2024 - Added a page of Upjohn Stories That Probably Shouldn't be Told. Added a service award watch from 1947. Added a late 1940s photo of an Upjohn group at a New York City club. Add a bottle of Laxsaline on the Products page. Added a glass decanter to the Centennial page. Added a page of matchbook covers.      

February 2024 - Added a Vacation Needs - Kaopectate handout. Added a Sodium Salicylate and Iodide with Colchicine on the Products page. Added a Mileage, Gas, Time and Cost Saver ruler.  

January 2024 - Added five new photos at the top of the Products page. Added a new fun fact.     

December 2023 - Added two security patches. Added a box of Impenetro to the Products page. Added a 2-cent Narcotic stamp used by Upjohn.  Added a K-Wings/Maolate Tablets pencil holder.  

November 2023 - Added a page on the Upjohn Diet Service. Added a Tincture Mercresin blotter on Carol Orris's new items page.    

October 2023 - Added Nausea Tablets (contains cocaine), Tonic (Aitken) and Sterile Penicillin G Sodium to the Products page.   

September 2023 - Added a bottle of Heroin Compound Syrup on the Products page.

August 2023 - Added a new fun fact. The 1946-1962 collection of Upjohn News magazines have all been converted to a format that is more easily read. Check them out at this link. Added a Mixture Opium and Glycyrrhiza bottle, an Ipecac and Opium Powder bottle and a Bismuth Ethyl Camphorate bottle. Added a Xanax XR clock.      


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