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June 2022 - Stephen Hall send me some photos of the expansion at the University of Arizona in Tucson Pharmacy Museum. This is where the contents of the Upjohn Pharmacy in Disneyland are displayed.  Added an article published in the South County News.  Added photos of Camolliens and Green Soap bottles. 

May 2022 - Carol Orris loaned me 28 issues of Control News and these are all on the site. She also loaned me some old Control org charts and I've added those too. Added a group photo of a 1982 womens softball team.  Added a belt buckle and a folding knife on the advertising items page.  

April 2022 - Added a list of merger/acquisition dates for 1995 and later.

March 2022 - I found my official Upjohn photo and added it to my page! Added a photo of the former Upjohn building at Crawley, England being demolished.  Added a page on sports trophies. Added a Dioscholate Pills bottle to the products page. Added a perfect attendance clock.  

February 2022 - added an old employee badge for Ruth DeHaan.  Added a 1905 Ether can and a bottle of Formohydrion Five tablets to the Products page. Added a 1979 Control Labs org chart. 

January 2022 - added Neuralgic Tablets and Caripetic Tablets on the products page. Added a Downtown Research group photo.  Added a new fun fact. Added a TUCO blanket. Added Dinner Pills and Calcium Gluconate Wafers to the products page. Added a list of Haiku computer error messages I found in a 2003 backup CD. Added four pages of Jeremy's Corner information distributed within the Pfizer Portage site.  

December 2021 - added epinephricaine and a spanish language tin of quinine tablets on the products page. Added a photo of the white Upjohn letters that used to be in front of Building 88 at the bottom of this page. Added a 1989 photo taken at North Haven.  Added a group photo taken at Brook Lodge in the 1970s. Added a page about a 1984 pharmacy internship. Added the story of the Kiella Calmer on the Control site.

November 2021 - added a publication Human Anatomy. Added a Reference Guide for Weight Control. Added another photo of the tour guides. Added a page on Building 41 Shipping. Added a memento from a 25-year service recognition day at Brook Lodge.    

October 2021 - added a selection of photos sent to me by John Shabushnig. Added an article about the Upjohn Pharmacy in Disneyland.  Added a 1-pound glass jar of ergophene ointment and a bottle of boric acid tablets to the products page. Added an example of the first Upjohn parking sticker. Added more information on the Dan Russell collection. Added a page on Upjohn cabinets. Added a B300 dedication paperweight. Linked to a 1974 Unicap TV commercial and a 1984 Unicap M commercial. Added a page on the Dallas Distribution Center.  Added Crawley, UK, Upjohn-In-Action newsletter No 12 and No 15.  Added a 1958 publication How to Use Spices.  Added 5 more products onto the Products page. 

September 2021 - added a Unicap dispenser. Added a balance thought to have been used in Returned Goods. Added a new fun fact.

August 2021 - added Vitamin A-B-D-G Capsules and Lincocin Capsules to the Products page. Added pages on the ETA program and the early savings plan.  Added a March 1974 Intercomment.  Added an explanation of the stylized circle of U's logo. Added a parking sticker.  Added a PAC Service Request.  

July 2021 - added a Sarsaparilla bottle and a Phenolax bottle to the products page. Added some posters recently added to the Carol Orris collection. Added a fiberglass centennial sign bought from a sign shop on Vine St. Added a 1990 Mixing and Milling group photo. Added a Taralba blotter. Added another photo of the original Upjohn railroad switcher at the Portage site. Added an Albadry cap. Added a Gelfoam Tumor Diagnostic Kit to the Products page.


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