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 I'm sure every Upjohn employee remembers the Unicap dispensers that were stationed at the entrance to each cafeteria. Employees would either pull a lever or turn a dial to get a vitamin tablet. Ed Boyer gave me this one. The Intercom article below the photo gives some information about where these dispensers were used.

This Torsion Balance is thought to have been used in Building 41 Returned Goods. The last calibration date on it is 1975. Thanks go to Ed Boyer for keeping this one and getting it to me.  

I'm not sure where this impressive sign was located on the Upjphn Kalamazoo/Portage campus. Some people remember it at the Upjohn Farms on Gull Road. The letters and the frame are made of copper. It's now in my collection.  

Here's an example of a get-well card that was send to an Upjohn employee in Bronson Hospital with some flowers from The Blossom Shoppe.  


These are the Tablet 39 Dept girls in 1938. Location was outside the Downtown Kalamazoo manufacturing complex (back then every woman was called a girl, even if she was 60 years old). Third from left is Cornila Cronk. She is the grandmother of Adam Waterbury, who sent me this photo.  

From the collection of Dawn Wilson's mother is this 1955 request from the Australian government to Dr. William Maxon in the Downtown Kalamazoo research labs. Note the simplicity of the Upjohn address!

  On the right is Amy Syrek's grandmother Colleen. This photo was taken in 1949 so very likely the location is one of the Downtown Kalamazoo Upjohn buildings. Red lipstick was popular!

  1952 photo of the tablet packaging line in Building 41. Marvin De Vries is standing at the top of the photo on the right line. Submitted by Marvin's son Steve De Vries (Pfizer Sheet Metal Shop)

Network Manager in the Quads - late 1980s

Statistics Group - Halloween Party 1945

Bottle Collecting in  the December 1973 Intercom Employee Magazine

1990 Productivity Award Dinner at the Beacon Club

An Upjohn women's softball team in the 1930's

Kalamazoo Retiree Bowlers - March 1984

New Chemical Operators in Portage - April 1981

Portage Duplicating Group - May 1983

Portage Tour Escorts - April 1983

Kalamazoo Lighting Crew - April 1983

Kalamazoo Switchboard Operators - April 1983

Details about the photos below are not known




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