Upjohn Fun Fact #17 

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Eilaine Roth worked in Sterile Product Inspection, retiring in 1988. I can remember seeing her sometimes as I walked through Building 41 on my way from Building 259 to the B41 cafeteria for lunch. Long before working at Upjohn, Eilaine was a player in the All American Girls Professional Baseball League that started during World War II, when all mens baseball was canceled. She played for the Peoria Redwings during 1948 and 1949. Then she played for the Kalamazoo Lassies from 1950 to 1951. She was known for her bunting. The Lassies became league champions in 1951 by winning the playoffs in the last game of the last season of the league. The movie "A League of Their Own" is an entertaining story of the All American Girls Professional Baseball League. Eilaine's baseball profile is at this link and her 2007 obituary at this link.  

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