Upjohn Fun Fact #22 

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Regulatory submissions from Upjohn were all printed on paper and a LOT of paper was needed. The 1965 photo below shows the amount of paper needed for the PROVEST submission to FDA. Sometimes, all the submission binders for FDA would be loaded into an Upjohn company plane and flown from the Kalamazoo airport to Washington DC, as shown in the bottom photo.


I worked in Regulatory when the Zyvox submission was printed. Four huge Zerox Docutech copiers in the basement of Building 298 printed 250,000 pages over a single weekend. The FDA portion was then loaded onto a company plane. I remember hearing that the cost to ship the European submission for Zyvox from Portage to Europe was $20,000. 


Today there is no paper needed for a regulatory submission. None. Electronic files and documents are uploaded via the internet to a secure fileshare located at each regulatory agency.

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