Upjohn Fun Fact #1  

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This is the first Upjohn Fun Fact. It was contributed by Des Keenan.

One of the big rock bands in the 1970s and 80's was "The Cure". Their lead singer was Robert Smith, the son of Alex Smith who was the General Manager of Upjohn UK. 

At the time when the band was forming, around 1966, Alex suggested that they play at the Upjohn UK Christmas party at Crawley, and they agreed. But the group did not have a name. The discussion got round to the fact that they would be doing their very first gig in the cafeteria of a pharmaceutical company. Someone suggested "The Cure" and that name still stands in 2016. Robert Smith is still the lead singer. Des tells me he was at that Christmas party to enjoy their first concert.

Below is a photo of The Cure band members, one of them on stage and the album cover for "The Top".

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