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  • My Come Fly with Me - A Memoir - Virgil W#illiams (2020), paperback, $15 on Amazon. Virgil worked as a pilot for Upjohn from 1958 to 1994. His book contains information about Upjohn Aviation history and operations.


  • My Upjohn Experience - My Life in the Pharmaceutical Industry - Garnett Huguley (2020), paperback, $15.99 on eBay and Amazon.


  • Keep The Quality Up - Martha Parfet (2015), hardcover, a limited printing. Copies are very occasionally available on eBay for $60 or higher. This 2-volume book covers the history of the Upjohn and Parfet families. It includes Martha's remininscences of the years when Donald Gilmore and Ted Parfet were the CEOs of Upjohn.


  • A Century of Caring - Robert D. B. Carlisle, hardcover: 256 pages; Publisher: Benjamin Co (1986). This was written for distribution during the 1986 centennial. Usually available on eBay for around $10.

  • Upjohn: Two Early Journals and A Study in Ancestry - Richard Light, hardcover: 156 and 287 pages respectively; Privately published (1990). This is a rare book, very occasionally available on eBay or found in eclectic bookstores.


  • A String in the Fabric - Frederick Lawrence Redpath, hardcover, privately published (1975). This is the history of the Upjohn family in a Princeton University senior thesis. It was submitted in April 1939. 200 copies of it were reprinted in 1975 by Richard Light and distributed to members of the Upjohn family. This is a very rare book. I've only ever seen one copy for sale.

  • Medicine Makers of Kalamazoo - Leonard Engel, hardcover: Publisher, McGraw-Hill (1961). Occasionally available on eBay for $10 - $25 and on Google Books.

  • Federal Trade Commission Tetracycline Antitrust Hearing - Donald Gilmore, Upjohn CEO, testified at that hearing in March 1959. This book records all his testimony. I've only ever seen one copy of it.


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