Upjohn Pill and Granule Co. Cabinets  

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In the earliest years of the company, when it was known as the Upjohn Pill & Granule Company, a wooden cabinet was offered free as an incentive to pharmacies that made certain sized orders and committed to be a regular customer.

Three Upjohn Pill and Granule Company cabinets are currently known to exist. They belong to Carol Orris, Dan Russell and Bob Hunt. The company name on Carol's cabinet is different to that shown in the price lists below. It is not yet known what this means. Since it is a Kalamazoo-area cabinet it may have been a prototype.

In the 1894 and 1896 Upjohn price lists there were two versions of cabinet: (1) A 53 x 39 inches that required a wholesale purchase of $100 (about $3,000 in inflation adjusted 2021 dollars); (2) A 46 x 35 inches that required the purchase of $50 in product ($1,500 in 2021). In the 1899 price list an improved cabinet - it has sliding boxes on the shelves - was 46 x 33 inches.

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