Steroid Medicines and Upjohn:    
  A Profile of Chemical Innovation   

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In May 2019 the American Chemical Society (ACS) granted National Historic Chemical Landmark Status to Kalamazoo for steroid chemistry achievements of scientists who worked at The Upjohn Company during the years 1950-1990.

The award is located on the second floor of the Kalamazoo Valley Museum and is shown below. The ACS handout describing this work is next, followed by the majority of the presentations given. Click here to go to the American Chemical Society web page that describes the award in more detail.

Sadly, this was the final gathering for a generation of Upjohn men and women whose immense talents led to a large number of affordable steroid-based medications. It was an enormous leap in affordable and effective healthcare. Great minds like these will not come again. 




Here are the majority of the presentations at the May 16 & 17, 2019 celebrations of the ACS National Historic Chemical Landmark award for Upjohn Steroid Medicines


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