Central Stock Control  

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These photos were all taken in the Upjohn Downtown Kalamazoo complex except the last one.

Below - Central Stock Control and Sales Forcasting Personnel, 15 May 1946

Below - D.D.Chippa, department head, 13 May 1946

Below - perpertual inventory Kardex battery for record of Kalamazoo warehouse inventories, production receipts and orders in process, 7th April 1946.

Below - teletype, teleautograph, secretarial activities, finished goods expediting, government orders, billing, shipping, etc, 13 May 1946

Costing, billing and finished goods control clerks

Below - Kardex control units of branch inventories, shipments and sales data, 7 May 1946

Below - Departmental sales forecasting personnel, 6 May 1946

Below - the department has move to the Central Mezzanine of Building 41, undated but likely in 1950 or 1951

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