The Merger with Pharmacia  

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On Monday August 21, 1995 the merger between The Upjohn Company and Pharmacia became public news. The Kalamazoo Gazette had a special merger section and devoted two other sections on that day to merger information and local opinions. After 109 years it was the end of The Upjohn Company.






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The logo for Pharmacia & Upjohn was create by Newell and Sorrell  - a hand, a bird and a star outlined on a rock. According to the 160-page Pharmacia & Upjohn Corporate Identity Guideline book the symbols on the rock reflect the qualities of humanity, innovation and aspiration. Here are three different size examples of the rock. At least one of the rocks used on buildings  (7 feet tall) in still in existence.




Here's the box and note handed out with the key fob.






Food for thought - in the same issue of the Gazette the article below discusses how Warner-Lambert was now a likely target for a takeover. They were eventually bought by Pfizer. The W-L research pipeline turned out Lipitor, a drug which brought in $80 billion in revenue for Pfizer. How different it would have been if Upjohn had merged with Warner-Lambert instead of Pharmacia.........







The last word - an ex-Upjohner passed on these close-up photos from a Star Trek episode shown prior to the merger. Look closely at the logos on the robes. Is this where the idea of the PNU logo originated? Seriously, we paid a ton of money for it and the idea came from Star Trek???




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