Name Those Upjohn Executives  
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How good are you with Upjohn faces and names?


The following 28 Upjohn executive faces will test you out.
Answers are given at the end of each of the three sections.





Section 1 Answers

  • John Zabriskie (Last CEO of The Upjohn Co)

  • Ley Smith (Interim CEO before John Zabriskie)

  • Ted Cooper (CEO before Ley Smith)

  • Ray Parfet (CEO before Ted Cooper)

  • Larry Hoff (Previous COO)

  • Pete Parrish

  • Don Parfet

  • Bill Parfet





Section 2 Answers

  • Mark Novitch

  • Tony Taraszka

  • Bob Salisbury

  • Carlos Salvagni

  • John Griffin

  • Redgy Coucke

  • Chuck Bell

  • Jack Jackson







Section 3 Answers

  • Tom Mansager

  • Lou Schroeter

  • Chong Yoon

  • Chuck Bibart

  • Dan Witcher

  • Gerard Thomas

  • Jerry Mitchell

  • Jake Stucki

  • Ken Cyrus

  • Harold Chappelear

  • Gerald Welch

  • Dick Tomlinson


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