The Upjohn Company Goes Public  

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The November 1958 board meeting of The Upjohn Company was a momentous one. At this meeting, held in Building 24 in the Downtown Kalamazoo complex (Building 88 was not yet built) the board below voted to take the company from a private one, owned by the Upjohn family for the past 70 years, to a public company. Upjohn Company stock spilt 25 for 1 and family members sold 2.41 million shares (17% of the total) to the general public at $45 a piece.


This occasion was commemorated in an article titled "The heart of The Upjohn Company: our Board of Directors". All the Upjohns, Daltons, Lights, Gilmores, Parrishs and Parfets below were considered to be Upjohn family members.







On January 5, 1959 The Upjohn Company was first listed on the New York Stock Exchange by Gifford Upjohn.











Below is an undated list of common shareholders when the company was still private. The total number of shares at this time was 558,785. Sale of any shares in the era of private ownership was rare.







Here is an 1890 Kalamazoo Gazette listing all the shareholders at that time



And here are a few resignation letters from the 1950s.





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