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The Control Division had awards in the 1980s and early 1990s including the Control Academy Award and the Control Achievement Award. Academy Awards were composed of two medallions - a solid silver and a gold plated bronze, the latter for display purposes. The first academy awards were presented to the recipients at a soiree on Mackinac Island. Other out-of-state locations followed. The achievement awards were all-bronze and smaller in size. Other Control awards not pictured here included the VP Award (a Crystal Eagle) and the Sysiphaen Labor Award (a Crystal Cland bowl).



I can remember a time when the Upjohn manufacturing division in Portage was handing out perfect attendance awards. Here's a clock and a blank wooden plaque.





Bill Calvert provides the following about the medal below: the words on it are "Medio Lanum".  Mediolanum is the Latin name for ancient Milan.  The image on the front is St. Ambrose, Governor of the province including Milan, and later Bishop of Milan. Both the image and the writing on the front of the medal are taken from a coin called the Ambrosino, a gold or silver coin, struck at Milan during the first republic (1250-1310), which bears the figure of St. Ambrose, patron saint of the city. 

The images on either side of the Ambrose figure may represent bees buzzing over a hive.  Bees are often included with St. Ambrose images, because of a legend that his father found his infant son's face covered with bees.  This was taken as a sign of his future eloquence, or speaking with a "honeyed tongue."   So maybe a sales award?

The other side of the medal, in Italian, reads: "Upjohn manufacturers of specialty medicines since 1886".



Supposedly the one below was for Project Mercury. Is that familiar to anyone?



The Enz award

Dr. Walter Enz was born April 29, 1905. Alter receiving his B.S. in Pharmacy from Purdue in 1927, his M.S. in Pharmaceutical Chemistry from Florida in 1929, he pursued his Ph.D. in Physical Pharmacy at the University of Wisconsin, which he was awarded in 1931. He joined the Upjohn Company July 5, 1932. He rose to the position of Manager of Pharmacy Research prior to his retirement on April 30, 1970.

Dr. Enz was a leader of rare quality whose influence is still felt by many scientists who worked under his direction during his long tenure in research management at The Upjohn Company. His special gift was in helping young pharmaceutical scientists develop their full potential and in providing this help in such a way that would build the self-confidence and independence of the scientists.

Dr. Enz liked to say that sound training in basic physical science and mathematics made the best preparation for the practice of pharmaceutical sciences in an industrial setting. Dr. Enz said, "I'm interested in developing products but I'm also interested in developing people." Today his "graduates," people he hired and developed are found in every part of Pharmacia. More importantly, those "graduates" who have left his organization have distinguished themselves in other companies. A very large number of Dr. Enz' graduates have become influential professors in the most prestigious colleges of pharmacy here and abroad.

Dr. Enz is gone now but his memory lives on in those who were privileged to know him. He exerts an influence today in pharmaceutics whenever one of his "graduates" talks to students about the importance of basic training in physical sciences and mathematics. Dr. Enz also influenced pharmaceutics in a lasting way by showing that not only must basic knowledge be applied in the industrial pharmaceutical laboratory, but that basic knowledge should also be generated in this setting. Dr. Enz thought in terms of service to others; his life is a reminder that this belief can lead to lasting accomplishments.




Hey George, what the heck was The Quality Awareness Experience all about????


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