Museums at Upjohn  

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The first formal museum opened at Upjohn in 1951, using a room in Building 24, the executive building in Downtown Kalamazoo. It was later moved to the front of Building 41 on the basement level so that public tour participants could gather together and enjoy the company history. The color photos at the bottom show the final layout of the museum. When the tour program ended in 1989 it was closed. Some items from the museum were included in an Upjohn display in the Kalamazoo Public Museum in Downtown Kalamazoo.












The museum in the basement of Portage Building 41 was updated in the late 1970s







The display below was in the American National Bank in Downtown Kalamazoo during 1937


This display was in Montreal circa 1897


The 1936 photo below was taken in Kansas City


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