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There are three substantive books covering the history of The Upjohn Company. They are often available for sale on eBay and Amazon at low cost. The third book below is also available on Google Books.

  • Keep The Quality Up - Martha Parfet (2015), $45 at  the Kalamazoo Nature Center, the Kalamazoo Institute of Arts, the Gilmore Car Museum and Irving's Marketplace

  • A Century of Caring - Robert D. B. Carlisle, Hardcover: 256 pages; Publisher: Benjamin Co (1987)

  • Medicine Makers of Kalamazoo - Leonard Engel, Hardcover: Publisher, McGraw-Hill (1961)

 Document Archives


A lot of documentation has survived. Here are the locations of documents and photos:

  • Western Michigan University Regional History Archives (including 6000 cataloged photographs)

  • Kalamazoo Public Library Local History Room

  • Kalamazoo Valley Museum 



Over a dozen films made for the company have survived and been digitized. Some are from the 1940s. They can all be viewed on YouTube.


Web Sites


A Brief History of W.E.Upjohn and The Upjohn Company

Wikipedia entry for The Upjohn Company


Other Items and Artifacts


The Kalamazoo Valley Museum has an Upjohn exhibit. There are always Upjohn items for sale on eBay.  

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