Fred Heyl - The Father of Upjohn Research  

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The article below on Fred Heyl is from the May 1949 issue of The Overflow, the Upjohn sales magazine that was distributed to the sale s force.

A photo from The Overflow shows Fred Heyl in December 1933.

And here is Fred's retirement in the January 1955 Overflow and February 1955 Upjohn News.

Here is the record for Fred Heyl in the official chronological employee index. He died on 26th January 1968, 14 years after his retirement.

Fred's grandson Glenn has the following papers in his collection. They are programs from Yale University and Kalamazoo College honoring the contributions of the educational fund he set up on his death. The fund is thought to be still active. Thank you, Glenn!

Glenn found this document in papers from Fred's daughter Dorothy's estate:

Appendix to Fred Heyl Memoirs Book.

The following attached handwritten note was attached: "Dr. F. W. Heyl, Brief Review of his Publications, 8-30-49 by F. W. Heyl.  This is a brief autobiography which Dr. Heyl preferred.  It was not published, as he had hoped it might be in the Overflow. 10-8-79 George Cartland; photocopy for Dorothy Heyl"


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