Non-Research Laboratories  

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Corridor in new research laboratories  10-24-33



Synthetic (research) laboratory



Pharmaceutical research laboratory  1-10-34



Animal experimentation; pharmacology laboratory  1-10-34


Pharmaceutical laboratory



Endocrinology rat colony (Wistar strain)   1-10-34



Experimental surgery  1-11-34



Biological chemistry; extraction of hormones with immiscible solvents  1-10-34



Biological assay of pituitary extract  1-11-34



Biological assay of digitalis by the frog method  1-10-34



Biological assay of digitalis by the intravenous cat method  1-11-34



Biological assay of epinephrine by the blood pressure method  10-24-33



Biological chemistry; blood and urine analysis  10-24-33



Pharmacology and toxicology; experimental animal room  10-24-33

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