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Office of the Director of Research, Dr, F.W.Heyl. Seated at left: D.S.Gilmore, standing: Dr. M.C.Hart  1-10-34



Scientific staff - November 1933



Library of the Research Department  1-10-34



Library of the Research Department  1-10-34


Laboratory for Physiological-Chemical research  1-10-34



Laboratory for organical-chemical research  1-10-34



Micro-analytical laboratory  1-10-34



Micro-chemical balance  1-10-34



Endocrinological-chemical research: apparatus for determining electrolytically of pH and centrifuge  1-10-34



Interpretation and recording of biologic and chemical assays of cod liver oil and related products  1-10-34



Chemical and biologic studies related to fat soluble vitamins  1-10-34


Fat soluble vitamin assay  1-10-34



Rat colony for breeding and fat soluble vitamin assays  1-10-34



Office of Nutrition Science Laboratories  1-10-34



Laboratory for the preparation of vitamin-deficient rations  1-10-34



Vitamin B assay colony  1-10-34


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