Manufacturing - Granular Effervescent Salts  

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Purified materials used in granular effervescent salts



Dry mixers with dust collection hoods



Mixers 12-6-33



Rear of Mixers 12-7-33


Batch mixers for moistening previous to massing



Massing chamber. Temperature and humudity automatically controlled and recorded



Massing cabinets 12-6-33



Massing cabinets 12-6-33



Discharging massing cabinets 12-6-33



Wet granulating 12-7-33



Emptying trays from massing chambers. Screening and spreading trays for tunnel dryers



Wet granulating and spreading granulation on drying trays 12-6-33



Tunnel dryer



Automatic temperature recording controllers covering 3 tunnels  12-7-33



Automatic temperature controller for drying tunnel 12-7-33



Discharge of drying tunnel and screening of dry granulation  1-6-34



Control laboratory - apparatus for testing the volume of CO2 gas given off by G.E. salts



Recording the weight of dry granulation contained in filling machine hoppers  1-16-34



Air conditioning machine in dry granulating room  12-7-33



Air conditioning equipment



Empty bottles charging automatic filler machine



Start of the automatic packaging line, showing the charging of filling machine with empty bottles, and dry granulation in hoppers  12-7-33


Start of automatic packaging line, also filling machine in operation  10-27-33



Close-up of automatic filling machine in operation  12-6-33



Checking weight of filled bottles before capping



Automatic capping machine on 4 ounce line  12-6-33



Automatic capping machine, 4 ounce line, also conveyor to labeling machine  12-6-33



Bottles discharging from automatic multiple head capping machine to automatic double labeling machine, speed eighty per minute



Labeling machine that can apply a front and back label at the same time  12-6-33



Close-up of labeling machine  12-7-33



Labeling machine in 8 ounce line  10-27-33



Charging end of cartoning machine, 4 ounce line  12-6-33



Charging end of cartoning machine  12-6-33



Automatic bottle cartoning machine discharging to container cartoning machine which puts six cartoned bottles in the half-dozen packers



Half-dozen cartoner, 4 ounce line  12-6-33



Rear view of discharging end of half-dozen cartoner  12-6-33



Discharge of half dozens from container cartoning machine to gluing and sealing machine



Packaging half dozens in 1/4 gross shipping containers  12-6-33



Gluing of shipping containers  12-6-33


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