Manufacturing - Fluids  

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Air Tight, Glass Lined Steel tanks Used for Fluids of High Alcoholic Content (1000 gallons)



One Hundred Gallon Tanks Used in Small Quantity Production



Open 500 gallon Glass-lined Tanks



Mills Eqipped with Dustless Air Separation and Collection of Milled Material


Moistening of Crude Drug and Packaging of Small Percolators



One Corner of the Percolating Department Showing Percolators and Kettles



Small Percolators Showing Application of Manstruum Preceding Maceration



Moistening of Crude Drug for Large Percolators



Packing of Large Percolators from Floor Above



Open Evaporation Tanks with Large Percolators in Background





Vacuum Distillation



Recovering Alcohol from the Marc



Fluid Packaging Room



Fluid Packaging Line Showing Labeling by Machine and Cartoning with a Belt



Labeling and Packaging of Gallons


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