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The Upjohn site in Crawley, England started on 18th March 1957. Ian Williams sent me this photo of the original Control chemistry lab. Ian notes "When I joined Upjohn in 1975 the lab had been redesigned using the same furniture but a lot of this equipment was still in use".  



Also from Ian Williams, in the mid-1980s, Jim Munson spent a year in Crawley with the Control group there. Here's a group photo, from that time. Left to right - Tony Osborne, Jane Smith, Bryan Nicholson, Dave Fox, Ian Williams, Adrian Sinclair, Jim Munson, Vic Rice, Richard Packer and Nigel Powell.  



The un-dated Upjohn-In-Action newsletter below celebrates opening the new Control Development labs at Crawley. It was probably in the late 1980s.  



All the following photos and documents came from Colin Broom, who managed the Control group at Crawley during the 1970s and early 1980s.  


















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