Louis and Grace Markley Scrapbook - Page 1  

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In 1949, Louis and Grace Markley were hired as a team by the Upjohn family to manage Brook Lodge. They lived in the Caretakers Cottage across the stream from all the other buildings. When the Upjohn Company took control in 1956, they were asked to stay on as the managers. Louis was in charge of the physical plant - the grounds, buildings and maintenance. His title was Head, Grounds and Maintenance. Grace managed all the hotel functions - staff, dining, scheduling and communications, etc. Her title was Head, Guest Accommodations. Louis and Grace were honored jointly with the Upjohn Award in 1964. They retired after 20 years service in 1969 when Louisís health began to fail. This scrapbook was presented to them by all the other employees at the lodge. Their grand-daughter Melinda Scott scanned every page of it to display on this web site. It gives an evocative look at a beloved place in the Upjohn family and Upjohn Company history.










































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